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  1. Hi Shane,

    Please share the recording of your virtual Planning Session. I have changed my approach to the virtual FWPS, but seem to have to 1-2 additional emails after the session to get the engagement letter signed and get the ball rolling. I would love to see how you handle it. 

    Thank you,


    1. Shane Young

      Shane Young

      Hi Rozi,


      I shared them on another post.  @Carly Karpovagewould you be able to direct Rozi?  Thanks!

    2. Carly Karpovage

      Carly Karpovage

      Hi @Rozita Yacobi I am just seeing this thread, so sorry for the delay. 


      Here are the 2 recordings Shane shared previously:



      Password: P9U^9cF9






      Password: Q896pu%E

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