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  1. I am having to train our receptionist about talking to clients who ask about fees. I have searched both resources and forums, and am not finding a script or anything. I feel like there was one at some point. Can you point me in the right direction?

    1. Carly Karpovage

      Carly Karpovage

      Hey Marla! So I have a few resources for you.


      First off, we just released a Client Service Director Handbook that contains all the scripts that one would need to support your prospect and client flow. 


      If you would like to focus solely on scripts and resources around fee conversations, I would recommend checking out the training, How to Discuss Fees and the Family Wealth Planning Session Over the Phone, in module 11.1 -- Master intake


      Let me know if you need anything else!


  2. Hi Carly, where do I upload my story? I wanted to get feedback from the community and NLBM team on my story but can't find the feed that I am supposed to put it in.  Please advise when you can.  Thanks so much! With Gratitude, Amber

    1. Carly Karpovage

      Carly Karpovage

      Hi Amber, 


      Great question. You are welcome to post your firm story here in the PFL General Discussion forum: https://www.newlawbusinessmodelcommunityforum.com/forums/forum/20-pfl-general-member-discussion/


      I will keep an eye out for your post!





  3. Thank you, Carly.  I am in court today, but hopefully will be finished before 2:00pm to attend the call.  I appreciate your response.

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