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  1. Hi A.J.,


    I have a question. I just read that the Florida Supreme Court Order as to RON does not apply to estate planning. That we still require the traditional way of executing documents with live witnesses and notary public. How are you addressing this in the midst of COVID-19 in Florida?





    1. AJ Yolofsky

      AJ Yolofsky



      The Florida RRPTL section put out guidance with respect to the FLSC's order. If you've not received it, you can find it here.


      Everything is upside down at the moment. I don't have any "rule" type answers because we're handling things day-to-day. If a client or colleague needed a document badly enough, I would probably take my chances with remote work so as to get the job done. If I have to sort it out in court later, so be it. 


      Sometimes, doing the right thing is more important than doing the regulatory thing. Use your own judgment.




      200320 RPPTL Guidance on FLSC Remote Notary Order.pdf

    2. Betsy Vazquez

      Betsy Vazquez

      Thanks A.J. That is the same FLSC order I got too.




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