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  1. Hello Kim,

         Just a brief note to introduce myself-I am based in the Atlanta area I am currently enrolled in the bootcamp for Personal Family Lawyers.  I am preparing for my first two practice clients this month.  As I expect to be opting for a solo/virtual framework I was wondering if you could recommend any mobile notary services that you've been happy with as I expect to bake in such costs into my pricing.   Would appreciate any insights you may have to share as well as best practices as far as this aspect of client service is concerned.  Thank you and have a great week!

    1. Kim Rockwood

      Kim Rockwood

      Hi Idara,


      My Client Services Director (Danielle) is the one who arranges for mobile notary services for us, and I'm happy to have her email you. What's your best email address?


      Have a great week too!

    2. Idara Bassey

      Idara Bassey

      Thank you kindly Kim for your prompt reply!  I can be reached at ieblegalwellness@gmail.com...most appreciated 🙂

  2. Jill,


    Saw your post about testing positive for COVID. Hope you and your daughter have a speedy recovery!


    Thinking about you.



    1. Jill Gregory

      Jill Gregory

      Thank you Kim! We have recovered and are both fine. 


      But I feel like I am so behind!!

    2. Kim Rockwood

      Kim Rockwood

      So glad you're better! Take it easy with the backlog. I'm sure people understand. 🙂

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