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  1. Hi Lisa, I am interested in a study group.  I am on Module 5 and working on my own plan, but I feel like I benefit from go back through everything to make sure I really understand the process.  I have Zoom, did you want to set up a day and time to meet? I am in California.



      Hi Virginia,


      Thanks for your note.  Corey Lederman is also interested.  Want to have a quick-ish intro call soon with the 3 of us to feel out where we're at . . . in life, our practices, the program . . . so I can get an idea of what would work best.  My first thought is I can put together a study/meeting schedule based on everyone's input with certain lesson/modules to discuss each week, semi-weekly, or how ever ofter we decide as a group we want to meet.


      If that sounds good, let me know what your schedule looks like tomorrow and Monday, and I'll check with Corey as well.  I'm pretty open, mostly just working from home on random projects.  



    2. Virginia Fuentes

      Virginia Fuentes

      Hi Lisa,


      All of that sounds great.  I am open to meet tomorrow; I have one meeting at 2:30pm and that is it.  Monday is just as open.  Let me know.  



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