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  1. Hi Rebecca,


    I established a trust for a couple with a minor child. The couple has a property in Essex County, New Jersey. 


    I wanted to transfer the asset into their trust. 


    I have prepared the following documents: 


    (1) Bargain and Sale Deed Without Covenants, 

    (2) Affidavit of Consideration For Use By Sellet, and 

    (3) Seller's Residency Certification/Exemption.


    The Essex County assessor's office does not answer any calls and I wanted to make sure that I prepare and file the correct documents without incurring transfer taxes and reassessment. 


    At your convenience, please let me know if you would be able to assist me in handling this property transfer. My remote office number is (424) 245-4867 or email at rozi@yacobilaw.com.


    Looking forward to hearing back from you.





  2. Hi Rebecca!  your name was forwarded to me by @Alexis Katz.  I am new to NLBM, and working my way through the EPBC modules.  I am working on drafting my own plan for my family and me.  I live in New Jersey, but am not licensed to practice in New Jersey (I'm licensed in NY and MA).  So I am finding it really important to draft my own plan.  I am using WealthDocx.  I am also in the process of doing a setup call with back office drafting.  


    Would you be able to help me with the drafting process?  I'm not sure how this would work, so if you could lay out the guidelines for me that would be amazing. 


    Please let me know!  I look forward to connecting with you!

    1. Rebecca Strub

      Rebecca Strub

      Hi Nara,

      So lovely to hear from you. I'd be happy to help. Please send me an email at rebecca@strublaw.com or pick a time for a call here: https://www.appointmentcore.com/app/freeslots/grcz5AwHQ.

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