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  3. I practice in North Carolina, I graduated from the University of North Carolina in 001 and became licensed in this state in 2015.  I have done work in conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion, and for various non-profit agencies.  In 2020, I started my own firm and switched focus to Estate Planning, especially for families having adults who have special needs. I am ready to learn a more holistic approach to the practice of law so that I can hold space for clients' deep emotions and help them consider answers to hard questions.  Maintaining a relationship with former clients is also a very important value for me.  

    Erin Edgar 1.jpg

  4. I am having to train our receptionist about talking to clients who ask about fees. I have searched both resources and forums, and am not finding a script or anything. I feel like there was one at some point. Can you point me in the right direction?

    1. Carly Karpovage

      Carly Karpovage

      Hey Marla! So I have a few resources for you.


      First off, we just released a Client Service Director Handbook that contains all the scripts that one would need to support your prospect and client flow. 


      If you would like to focus solely on scripts and resources around fee conversations, I would recommend checking out the training, How to Discuss Fees and the Family Wealth Planning Session Over the Phone, in module 11.1 -- Master intake


      Let me know if you need anything else!


  5. Greetings Pam!

          It's a pleasure to "meet" you here 🙂  Best wishes.



    1. Pam Flores

      Pam Flores

      You as well!  Good luck with everything.  

  6. Hi, enjoying NLBM so far. Have a question regarding trusts. Where do you go to get more information?

  7. Hi Lisa, I am interested in a study group.  I am on Module 5 and working on my own plan, but I feel like I benefit from go back through everything to make sure I really understand the process.  I have Zoom, did you want to set up a day and time to meet? I am in California.



      Hi Virginia,


      Thanks for your note.  Corey Lederman is also interested.  Want to have a quick-ish intro call soon with the 3 of us to feel out where we're at . . . in life, our practices, the program . . . so I can get an idea of what would work best.  My first thought is I can put together a study/meeting schedule based on everyone's input with certain lesson/modules to discuss each week, semi-weekly, or how ever ofter we decide as a group we want to meet.


      If that sounds good, let me know what your schedule looks like tomorrow and Monday, and I'll check with Corey as well.  I'm pretty open, mostly just working from home on random projects.  



    2. Virginia Fuentes

      Virginia Fuentes

      Hi Lisa,


      All of that sounds great.  I am open to meet tomorrow; I have one meeting at 2:30pm and that is it.  Monday is just as open.  Let me know.  



  8. December 4, 2020 - I am starting Module 10 in the Bootcamp course and looking forward to completing the course.

  9. Carina,

    I have a client who has a timeshare in Hollywood Florida. Is there a way you can help me get this titled in the name of her trust. She wants the interest to pass. Thanks so much!

    1. Carina De La Torre

      Carina De La Torre

      I'd be happy to chat with you to see if I can help! Just give me a call at 407-308-0578.  Tomorrow I am in a conference but available from 11:45-12:30 EDT. I could also chat after 5pm EDT tomorrow if needed. Friday is the last day of the conference so I have similar windows of availability. Next week is way better!

  10. I've searched the forum regarding stand alone Retirement Trust and I'm still confused about when it is appropriate to select a stand alone IRA trust and how to name beneficiaries.


    Many posts speak to naming a trust as contingent beneficiary and not first beneficiary and I'm curious as to why a trust wouldn't/shouldn't be named first.  Default seems to be spouse, but doesn't that also mean spouse can do whatever they want with it?  What if holder wants to ensure asset protection and having some left for kids, if available.  

  11. Hello, I recently joined NLBM on 9/24/20. Looking forward to getting help, as well as being of help to others.

  12. Hi Shane,

    Please share the recording of your virtual Planning Session. I have changed my approach to the virtual FWPS, but seem to have to 1-2 additional emails after the session to get the engagement letter signed and get the ball rolling. I would love to see how you handle it. 

    Thank you,


    1. Shane Young

      Shane Young

      Hi Rozi,


      I shared them on another post.  @Carly Karpovagewould you be able to direct Rozi?  Thanks!

    2. Carly Karpovage

      Carly Karpovage

      Hi @Rozita Yacobi I am just seeing this thread, so sorry for the delay. 


      Here are the 2 recordings Shane shared previously:



      Password: P9U^9cF9






      Password: Q896pu%E

  13. Hi Rebecca,


    I established a trust for a couple with a minor child. The couple has a property in Essex County, New Jersey. 


    I wanted to transfer the asset into their trust. 


    I have prepared the following documents: 


    (1) Bargain and Sale Deed Without Covenants, 

    (2) Affidavit of Consideration For Use By Sellet, and 

    (3) Seller's Residency Certification/Exemption.


    The Essex County assessor's office does not answer any calls and I wanted to make sure that I prepare and file the correct documents without incurring transfer taxes and reassessment. 


    At your convenience, please let me know if you would be able to assist me in handling this property transfer. My remote office number is (424) 245-4867 or email at rozi@yacobilaw.com.


    Looking forward to hearing back from you.





  14. I am still in boot camp phase of the program. I never completed the program when I initially signed up back in September, 2019.

  15. Hello NLBM. I originally signed up with the program back in September, 2019 but unfortunately became distracted and could not complete everything at that time. I am back and staying committed to finishing the program. 

  16. Hi Carly, where do I upload my story? I wanted to get feedback from the community and NLBM team on my story but can't find the feed that I am supposed to put it in.  Please advise when you can.  Thanks so much! With Gratitude, Amber

    1. Carly Karpovage

      Carly Karpovage

      Hi Amber, 


      Great question. You are welcome to post your firm story here in the PFL General Discussion forum: https://www.newlawbusinessmodelcommunityforum.com/forums/forum/20-pfl-general-member-discussion/


      I will keep an eye out for your post!





  17. Jill,


    Saw your post about testing positive for COVID. Hope you and your daughter have a speedy recovery!


    Thinking about you.



    1. Jill Gregory

      Jill Gregory

      Thank you Kim! We have recovered and are both fine. 


      But I feel like I am so behind!!

    2. Kim Rockwood

      Kim Rockwood

      So glad you're better! Take it easy with the backlog. I'm sure people understand. 🙂

  18. I have been married for 38 years and have three adult daughters. 

  19. Hi Carrie

    I made the following post on the NLBM forum:


    I need an Arkansas deed drafted for an inter-vivios transfer for my Tennessee client.  This need is a little time sensitive so if anyone is interested please email me at



    Alexis said to call you.  is this something you could help me with?  Thanks



    1. Carrie Quraishi

      Carrie Quraishi

      Hi Stan yes I can help!  I'll send you an email.

  20. Really excited to be here and take my practice virtually

  21. Hi A.J.,


    I have a question. I just read that the Florida Supreme Court Order as to RON does not apply to estate planning. That we still require the traditional way of executing documents with live witnesses and notary public. How are you addressing this in the midst of COVID-19 in Florida?





    1. AJ Yolofsky

      AJ Yolofsky



      The Florida RRPTL section put out guidance with respect to the FLSC's order. If you've not received it, you can find it here.


      Everything is upside down at the moment. I don't have any "rule" type answers because we're handling things day-to-day. If a client or colleague needed a document badly enough, I would probably take my chances with remote work so as to get the job done. If I have to sort it out in court later, so be it. 


      Sometimes, doing the right thing is more important than doing the regulatory thing. Use your own judgment.




      200320 RPPTL Guidance on FLSC Remote Notary Order.pdf

    2. Betsy Vazquez

      Betsy Vazquez

      Thanks A.J. That is the same FLSC order I got too.




  22. Lisa


    I have a trust client here in TN that owns a parcel of land in Orange, VA that I want her to re-title to her as trustee of her RLT.  Could you do that for me?  What would be the cost?  Thanks



  23. Olivia

    I have a trust client here in TN that owns a parcel of land in Orange, VA that I want her to re-title to her as trustee of her RLT.  Could you do that for me?  What would be the cost?  Thanks



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