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  6. Hi, 


    I've attached my firm story and would love to get some feedback if you have the time.

    The Partee Firm Story.docx

  7. @Adam Hicks


    Hello Adam:  I have a potential referral for you.  I am in Texas, but can I introduce you to the daughter who is looking for an attorney for her parents who are in Georgia - She is in my BNI group. What is the best way to connect you. 


    Thank you, 

    Dana RIeder

  8. Hi Sotera -

    I saw your note to Pam about WealthCounsel.

    I just had my WealthCounsel demo. Here's the offer I received:

    If I purchase the 3-day Bootcamp for July ($1,495), they will waive the setup fee and the cost will be $497/month for the complete wealthdocx plan. First month fee is waived, 13-month contract required. I actually am very interested in the bootcamp since I'm brand new to estate planning. I'm curious how that compares to what you received, if you'd be willing to share? Thank you!

    1. Sotera Anderson

      Sotera Anderson

      Hi Scott. That is basically the offer they gave me too.  

  9. Hi, I'm unclear on how to do the trust planning for a married couple with a premarital agreement. Their intention is to keep everything separate through their lifetime. What's the best way 2 separate trusts as if they were single or what are the options?

  10. Hi Pam - I'm going with Wealthcounsel based on your recommendation. Please send them my info so you get credit 🙂.

    Scott Lynett



    Also, if you happen to know of any deals currently available, please let me know.

    Thank you & have a great long weekend!


    1. Pam Flores

      Pam Flores



      Thank you!  I will submit your information today.  The email said they will contact you within 1 day.  If you don't hear from them by Tuesday, let me know.  


      The offers vary.  The offer I received was $500 for the initial fee, one month free, then $416/month (includes tax).  I would press the rep on matching that offer if you can.  


      Thanks again and have a great weekend.  



  11. Hello!   Just a shout out to everyone as an introduction!  I am a "member in training" trying to pull it all together and complete my family's trust.  On a personal level, today is my wife and I's 37th wedding anniversary!  What a blessing to have married the girl I met in High School Band Camp!  Ha! Ha!   Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

  12. Hey folks, so I was supposed to have a signing today but client canceled because he and his wife seem to be having marital difficulties.  It was a trust plan and everything is done.  So, I charged 50% up front and was going to collect 50% at binder delivery.  Does anyone have any advice on what I should do?

  13. Hi Emily,


    I will be happy to help out! Please feel free to connect!

  14. Thank you. Your comments are very. helpful.  I have not been able to progress that much but I am progressing and I am determined. Thank you


  15. Greetings Amy,

         My name is Idara and I am enrolled in the Family Law bootcamp and I was seeking assistance on behalf of my practice client who has inherited property in Mississippi.  Being as there are no Personal Family Lawyers in Mississippi I was wondering if by chance you may know of local counsel I can follow up with to do some title work on behalf of my client's interest.  I am licensed in Georgia. Thank you in advance for any insight or guidance you can offer.

  16. Greetings Myrna,

         My name is Idara and I am enrolled in the Family Law bootcamp and I was seeking assistance on behalf of my practice client who has inherited property in Mississippi.  Being as there are no Personal Family Lawyers in Mississippi I was wondering if by chance you may know of local counsel I can follow up with to do some title work on behalf of my client's interest.  I am licensed in Georgia. Thank you in advance for any insight or guidance you can offer.

    1. Myrna Arroyo

      Myrna Arroyo

      Hi Idara,


      The only one I know is Ronald Morton - it's been years since I've spoken to him but he'll probably be able to help you.





    2. Idara Bassey

      Idara Bassey

      Thank you so much Myrna for your prompt reply- on a weekend no less...I really appreciate the referral!

  17. Hello Kim,

         Just a brief note to introduce myself-I am based in the Atlanta area I am currently enrolled in the bootcamp for Personal Family Lawyers.  I am preparing for my first two practice clients this month.  As I expect to be opting for a solo/virtual framework I was wondering if you could recommend any mobile notary services that you've been happy with as I expect to bake in such costs into my pricing.   Would appreciate any insights you may have to share as well as best practices as far as this aspect of client service is concerned.  Thank you and have a great week!

    1. Kim Rockwood

      Kim Rockwood

      Hi Idara,


      My Client Services Director (Danielle) is the one who arranges for mobile notary services for us, and I'm happy to have her email you. What's your best email address?


      Have a great week too!

    2. Idara Bassey

      Idara Bassey

      Thank you kindly Kim for your prompt reply!  I can be reached at ieblegalwellness@gmail.com...most appreciated 🙂

  18. I practice in North Carolina, I graduated from the University of North Carolina in 001 and became licensed in this state in 2015.  I have done work in conflict resolution, diversity and inclusion, and for various non-profit agencies.  In 2020, I started my own firm and switched focus to Estate Planning, especially for families having adults who have special needs. I am ready to learn a more holistic approach to the practice of law so that I can hold space for clients' deep emotions and help them consider answers to hard questions.  Maintaining a relationship with former clients is also a very important value for me.  

    Erin Edgar 1.jpg

  19. I am having to train our receptionist about talking to clients who ask about fees. I have searched both resources and forums, and am not finding a script or anything. I feel like there was one at some point. Can you point me in the right direction?

    1. Carly Karpovage

      Carly Karpovage

      Hey Marla! So I have a few resources for you.


      First off, we just released a Client Service Director Handbook that contains all the scripts that one would need to support your prospect and client flow. 


      If you would like to focus solely on scripts and resources around fee conversations, I would recommend checking out the training, How to Discuss Fees and the Family Wealth Planning Session Over the Phone, in module 11.1 -- Master intake


      Let me know if you need anything else!


  20. Greetings Pam!

          It's a pleasure to "meet" you here 🙂  Best wishes.



    1. Pam Flores

      Pam Flores

      You as well!  Good luck with everything.  

  21. Hi, enjoying NLBM so far. Have a question regarding trusts. Where do you go to get more information?

  22. Hi Lisa, I am interested in a study group.  I am on Module 5 and working on my own plan, but I feel like I benefit from go back through everything to make sure I really understand the process.  I have Zoom, did you want to set up a day and time to meet? I am in California.

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    2. Virginia Fuentes

      Virginia Fuentes

      Hi Karen,  We are still meeting.  Let me check with the group if they are open to adding a new person.

    3. Virginia Fuentes

      Virginia Fuentes

      Hi @Karen Ahrens,  The group is open to a new member.  We regularly meet every Friday at 9am pacific time.  Please email me at virginia@vfuenteslaw.com to get the zoom link to join the meeting.  We are meeting this Friday if you can join.

    4. Karen Ahrens

      Karen Ahrens

      Thanks Virginia!  I sent a note over to your email requesting the zoom link.  If you don't happen to receive it prior to the meeting, please let me know when the next one is and I would be happy to join that one.

  23. December 4, 2020 - I am starting Module 10 in the Bootcamp course and looking forward to completing the course.

  24. Carina,

    I have a client who has a timeshare in Hollywood Florida. Is there a way you can help me get this titled in the name of her trust. She wants the interest to pass. Thanks so much!

    1. Carina De La Torre

      Carina De La Torre

      I'd be happy to chat with you to see if I can help! Just give me a call at 407-308-0578.  Tomorrow I am in a conference but available from 11:45-12:30 EDT. I could also chat after 5pm EDT tomorrow if needed. Friday is the last day of the conference so I have similar windows of availability. Next week is way better!

  25. I've searched the forum regarding stand alone Retirement Trust and I'm still confused about when it is appropriate to select a stand alone IRA trust and how to name beneficiaries.


    Many posts speak to naming a trust as contingent beneficiary and not first beneficiary and I'm curious as to why a trust wouldn't/shouldn't be named first.  Default seems to be spouse, but doesn't that also mean spouse can do whatever they want with it?  What if holder wants to ensure asset protection and having some left for kids, if available.  

  26. Hello, I recently joined NLBM on 9/24/20. Looking forward to getting help, as well as being of help to others.

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